20 janeiro 2009

O Black Diamond Visto Pela Pitchfork

Buraka Som Sistema play kuduro, an Angolan take on dance music that's an example of what British critic Matt Ingram calls "Shanty House": urbanized, globalized street and club music splicing hip-hop and rave DNA with local mutations to create dynamic pidgin sounds. Kuduro, which mixes rai and soca rhythms with local MCing and salvaged electronics, is the product of the same kind of environment and pressure that produced baile funk in Rio and kwaito in South Africa-- musics which make good touchpoints for kuduro's breakneck appeal. It was born in the Angolan capital Luanda and quickly jumped along post-colonial transmission lines to Lisbon, home of Buraka Som Sistema. The Buraka sound has been picked up by global tastemakers like Diplo and M.I.A., and debut album Black Diamond gives the crew an opportunity to show how kuduro works at fuller stretch-- and whether it can survive outside its specific locality.

É assim que começa a crítica ao disco dos Buraka Som Sistema na Pitchfork que deu nota 7.9.
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