25 agosto 2009

Kid A Reeditado

Brilhante introdução a um dos melhores discos de sempre.
A propósito da reedição de Kid A a Pitchfork dá nota máxima ao álbum e a crítica começa assim:

We used to listen to music in an entirely different way. There was once a time when music was organized into 45- to 75-minute chunks-- often a few standout tracks padded with a lot of mediocre filler, but occasionally designed so that the parts built up a larger structure. Used to be, people would sit down and listen to that lengthy piece of music from front to back in one sitting, resisting the urge to jump to their favorite parts or skip over the instrumental interlude that served as grout between two fuller compositions. These antiques were called CDs. Here's a story about the last of its kind.

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Kid A: Special Collectors Edition