27 agosto 2009

Recuperação: Finley Quaye - Maverick A Strike

Disco de 1997 que muito ouvi nessa altura e que teve uma crítica muito curiosa na Rolling Stone. Recupero hoje a estreia de Finley Quaye com o disco Maverick A Strike que ainda hoje soa muito bem. Aliás, agora que as rádios já se esqueceram dos singles deste álbum sabe muito bem recuperá-lo. Na memória guardo um concerto de Finley na Aula Magna que muito me agradou há uns anos.
Recupero o disco, que partilho com os leitores e a bela prosa da Rolling Stone:
On his debut, "Maverick a Strike," 23-year-old Scottish-Ghanaian singer Finley Quaye – who sounds like Horace Andy after listening to too many Al Green records – succeeds in cooking up soul-soaked, remix-ready roots reggae music for after-hours '90s dance floors. Laden in Studio One bass lines, Stax-era horns and organs, and African drums and thumb piano, Maverick delicately reshapes time-tested reggae styles, from dub to lover's rock and dance hall, with subtly applied trip-hop trimmings and Lee Perry-worthy lyrical outbursts ("My bass man is a ghost/And my ghost is a news carrier"). It's only when his arrangements fall short (the bland beats of "Supreme I Preme," the stock guitar work of "Sunday Shining") that Quaye becomes trapped by the past; for most of Maverick, he's liberated by it. (RS 778)